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At Get Crafted with Mlee, we believe that all students should have the opportunity to learn in a unique way. We focus on providing hands-on experiences that allow students to explore, learn, have fun and create extraordinary projects that they can feel confident and proud of.

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Who is this camp for:

The inspired, creative, and Youtube savy kid, student, and young adult who loves DIY activities. The camp is designed to give the next generation between ages 6 - 18 years old a glimpse of what carpentry (also known as woodwork) and handyman/women skills are all about. 


Our DIY camps offer a great opportunity to pull your kids away from their phones, tablets, and even video games to create things with their hands sparking a newfound interest. 


What to expect:

  • Educate

Our instructors will show the students how to properly identify wood species, measure, mark, use tools and bind wood together.


  • Mentor

Our instructors and volunteers encourage and guide students, often giving them words of advice and extra pieces of wood to practice hammering, measuring, screwing, cutting, or staining before they actually create their own project.


  • Create

The students get to use what they have learned to be woodsmiths, personalizing each project, and showcasing their creation at home.



  • Take home DIY craft
  • Team building games/exercises 
  • Hand-on tool demo + interaction*
  • Painting and Staining



All students are informed and instructed to wear the proper PPE (goggles, gloves, etc) provided by Get Crafted with Mlee. Proper shop dress code is close-toed shoes, pants (jeans, leggings(no shorts), and a shirt must be worn throughout camp. No exceptions. In addition, how to properly use tools.

*Students 6 - 12 years old use hand tools only. Students 13 - 18 years old have the option of using both hand tools and power tools with supervision.


Our goal

To foster a love for creativity through DIY demonstration and hands-on learning in each of our students. While teaching them life skills they can use in the future. Studies show that, when a child has the ability to use their hands they create something so unique and personal, promoting confidence, adapting the "I can do it" attitude, and feeling  proud of themselves. 


What's next

  • Register your kid for camp. Don't forget to list what city and age of your kid will be partaking in.
  • Fill out our waiver form click here! Each camp participates should have a waiver filled out. 
  • Prepare for camp. Make sure your kid eats breakfast, has a small sack lunch, dresses for success, and arrives on time. This is a 2 day drop off camp from 9a to 1p. We will have pre packaged snacks and water for them during camp.


We can't wait to see you both there,

The Get Crafted Team!


DIY Youth Camp (Fall)

  • Camp information for Georgia particpates

    Dates: Nov. 20 - 21

    Time: 9a - 1p.

    Location: TBA


    Camp information for Florida particpates

    Dates: Nov. 24 - 25

    Time: 9a - 1p. 

    Location: 920 A Philip Randolph Jacksonville, Fl  


    Note: Camp registration is non refundable unless organizers cancel the event.  

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