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At Get Crafted with Mlee, we understand the importance of having a mentor/coach as apart of your support system. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, our 1 on 1 mentoring/coaching has something for everyone. Our team will guide you through the project process, provide comprehensive advice and or resources to help you reach your goals. 

Currently mentoring and coaching on the following skills:

  • Interior decorating

  • Woodwork (furniture making, cabinetry, decor etc.) 

  • Handyman/women (drywall repair and install, painting, tv mounting etc.)


Coaching will start 2 weeks after purchase has been made.

Suitable for children and adults 12+

Email us for more information 

*specialty starter kit, in person and virtual meetups, investment is $500/month.

Free community Facebook group.

1 on 1 coaching

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