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About us

Get Crafted with Mlee is a mentorship and educational program that focuses on the teaching and development of young professionals in the community who have the desire to learn woodworking, interior design, and more. Founded by Jeremy and Latisea Calton in 2019, who have 18+ years of experience in the Home Improvement Industry. Created G.CW.M. out of the lack of skillful secondary education like woodshop being implemented into the school curriculum.

So they created their own!

A 4 to 12 week STEAM influenced program walking scholars hand and foot through entry level to advance experiences in the following categories: woodwork, interior design, and handyman. Scholars will take away the ability to focus, enhance their literacy and critical thinking skills, imagination, build confidence and perseverance adopting the "can- do" attitude.

Our mission is to empower all graduates to achieve academic, professional and personal goals by providing access and experiences that promote creativity, critical thinking, and perseverance.

Our vision is to prepare all graduates to have the skills to pursue and accomplish post-secondary training, and/or career opportunities in the home improvement industry; improving the property levels in at risk communities.

Scholars point of view

"I enjoy shadowing Jeremy and Latisea on job sites. They really take their time to make sure you understand what their teaching you."

- Chris

8 week woodwork curriculum attendee 

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"I had the best experience! I came to Get Crafted with MLEE with little to no knowledge of woodwork but while there, I learned so much from Jeremy and Latisea. I recommend everyone come here"


Learn. Bond. Collect event attendee



To get more information, email Jeremy and Latisea directly at INFO@MLEEDECOR.COM today.


Every donation, no matter how large or small, has an impact on the next generation. Donations help us provide education, mental health resources, job training, and so much more.


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