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One Room Challenge I Week three

Hi Friends, it's me again! Latisea Calton Co Founder and Lead Interior Designer of MLEE Home Décor and More. Last week I revealed the mood board for #projectupward Spring 2024 One Room Challenge hall bathroom refresh. If you missed that blog post click here.

It’s Week 3 and I'm so excited because it DEMO DAY!!!!

As mentioned last week, we have an extensive to do list.

Check it out here.

Rip out the medicine cabinet and replace it with a mirror.

Change out the dated light fixture that gives off no light. 

• Make repairs 

• Paint the walls with Sherwin Williams  color of the year Upward!

• Paint the vanity with Behr paint. 

Remove and paint trim.

• Replace trim and use sealant to fill in gaps between walls, trim, toilet, tub and floor with my brand partner SASHCO. 

Change the faucet on the vanity and in the shower.

• DIY silver accessories and spray paint them black.

• Add art and Décor.

• Style and photograph. 

Everything in green was suppose to get completed today but then this happened......

The first task on the to-do list ended up being the only thing we got done because Hubs aka Jeremy, Co Founder and Lead Carpenter at MLEE Home Decor and More, was determined to get that hole repaired and closed up as soon as possible. Due to the hall bathroom being the boys primary bathroom. Plus, the boys curiosity regarding the mysterious hole would cause more problems then we needed. So I completely understands why it became top priority.

Nevertheless, we got it done but we'll have to resume DEMO DAY after we take a nap. LOL Peace!

Ps: Next week we'll be updating the dingy beige to Sherwin Williams color of the year Upward!

So stay tuned for weekly updates as I take you through this 8 week challenge sponsored by the ORC and their media partner Apartment Therapy. From beginning to end you will see how #projectupward unfolds up until the grand reveal May 21, 2024.

See you next week on the BLOG!

Lead Interior designer Instagram | @latiseacaltondesigns 

Company Instagram| @mleehomedecorandmore 

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