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Reclaimed wood DIY project for Earth Day!

Most of us know, harmful environmental chemicals and product dumping can have a lasting effect. So how can you help save planet Earth? I'm glad you asked haha Switch to Eco Friendly products, vehicle, plant a tree or two and Recycle.

This past week we encouraged our Get Crafted Community Facebook group to grab a wood pallet off the side of the road and give it a new purpose.

Need some inspiration? Here’s some easy DIY projects that you can make with basic tools.

Hammer or crow bar Hand saw or circular saw Sand block or sander Nails or screws (if you have a power drill) Wood Glue
Warning: This is for entry to intermediate skill level. Kids under 18 should be accompanied by a adult. Wear all safety gear and ask for help if needed.

Fun fact: Pallet wood is considered Reclaimed wood. You can make functional decor for keeps or resell. Check out our Mlee Original Rustic Wine Display here.

Let's us know in the comments below what you plan on doing to save the planet Earth and keep reading to learn the history behind Earth Day. :)

Earth Day is celebrated every calendar year on April 22 in more than 190 countries. Individuals from all around the world, come together in harmony to give thanks, honor, and promote change for the beautiful planet we call HOME.

According to the nonprofit, Senator Gaylord Nelson, a junior senator from Wisconsin, was concerned about the industrial industry production companies letting off chemical pollution into the atmosphere. A topic that is still raising concern today. Senator Nelson protested with others in 1970, to bring national awareness and it worked. Today, Earth Day is recognized worldwide as a call for action. To change human behavior and create— implement clean environmental policies throughout the world.

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