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How to choose the best color scheme for your space in 5 easy steps.

Being a home owner is an awarding feeling but it can come with challenges. For example- the struggle to make a house a home because you don't know how to achieve that tied together look . Sounds familiar? I encourage you to keep reading for helpful I share with my #interiordesign clients.

Step number 1: Start with the space

Identify the fixed pieces in the room. These are items that you do not plan on moving or replacing. For example, the floors, counter top, fireplace, vanity, etc. Adding decor to fit the space will be much easier after doing this step.

Step number 2: Find inspiration

You may already have a style or color scheme you granite towards. If you're starting from a blank slate, did you know you can find inspiration everywhere? At the museum, in a magazine, through art, or at a friends house. No matter where you start you're sure to find something that speaks to you by just taking a look around. .

DIY Tip: Inspiration sites like Pinterest and Instagram are great FREE apps to pull styles and color schemes from.

Step number 3: Pick your favor color

Think about how you want to feel when you walk into the space. If you want the space to feel dramatic, add a bold color from the 2022 Boldest Paint Color Bestsellers list on the left. If you're look for a relaxing feel, go with warm color like beige.

Remember color has a powerful way of adding personally to a space.

Step number 4: Choose a base

Narrow down the color families and tones you want to stick with your color scheme. Since your base color is going to take up most of the space, choosing a neutral primary color will appeal to the eye best.

Step number 5: Roll up your sleeves

After you have chosen your base color. It's time to grab your painting supplies (from your local home improvement store), roll up your sleeves, and get to work. Doing this you'll save a lot of money and feel accomplished when finished. Then, you can sit back with your beverage of choice, and enjoy the view- saying "I did that!" with a smile on your face.

#PROTIP: A color scheme goes beyond the walls. Find decor and furniture in similar shades to create a seamlessly styled space. Click the link to get a professional interior designers help.

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