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One Room Challenge | Week one

Hi, Latisea Calton here! Co Founder and Lead Interior Designer at MLEE Home Décor and More. This Spring I am participating the my first One Room Challenge and I could not be more excited to share with you!

Now you might be asking yourself " What is the One Room Challenge?" Well let

me explain it to you.

The One Room Challenge is not a challenge at all, but rather a celebration of creativity, inspiration, and original ideas through home improvement. Designers and DIYers across the globe take on the "Challenge" of transforming a room or create something spectacular in 8 weeks. To learn more about the ORC click here.

For some back story, I have been wanting to participating in the ORC since 2019 but with Covid-19 flipping the world upside down. My husband Jeremy Calton, Co Founder and Head Carpenter at MLEE Home Décor and More, decided to wait until the time was right for us personally and professionally.

Fast forwarding to fall 2023, we purchased a 1968 Ranch Style home in the country on 7 acres with a waterfront view and a workshop for the business. A dream come true! However, the house is a Fixer Upper. Literally every room in this house has to go through the #MLEE touch.

And the room we decided to tackle during the challenge is...………..

The Hall Bathroom!!! 

I’m excited to get started with this project as I have been looking at this outdated hall bathroom for far to long. Now, It’s only been six months since we bought we house but as an interior designer it feels like an eternity. Lol 

Nevertheless, it’s time to start the design process.

First things first, I grabbed my Sherwin Williams Design Pros paint fan and pull out a few inspiration swatches that will match calming mood I want for this bathroom. Which meant a trip to my local Sherwin Williams paint store was in my future. For behind the scene footage click here.


Stay tuned for weekly updates as I take you through this 8 week challenge sponsored by the ORC and their media partner Apartment Therapy. From beginning to end you will see how #projectupward unfolds up until the grand reveal May 21, 2024.

Next week I'll be revealing the mood board and you don't want to miss that!

See you next week on the BLOG!

Lead Interior designer Instagram | @latiseacaltondesigns 

Company Instagram| @mleehomedecorandmore 

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