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One Room Challenge I Week Six

Hi Friends, it's me again! Latisea Calton Co Founder and Lead Interior Designer of MLEE Home Décor and More. Last week the boys and I painted the existing vanity BLUE for #projectupward Spring 2024 One Room Challenge hall bathroom refresh. If you missed that blog post click here.

Week 6 Head Carpenter Jeremy also known as Hubs, and I tackled the sealant issue in the hall bathroom.

The disgusting old caulk around the toilet and tub had to go and make way for the high performance caulk company Sashco Inc.

With Sashco's Clean Seal, Lexel, and Exact Color caulk we were able to achieve desirable, last lasting results in the hall bathroom. Therefore, we do not have to worry about leaks, rot, and excessive moisture from weak a seals ever again!!!

Thank Sashco for your sponsorship, support and dedication to proving high quality products for professionals and the DIY community.

You to can have supreme sealant results like mine by shopping Sashco at your local Lowe's Home Improvement store or visiting

To see the product in action click here. Otherwise, stay tuned for weekly updates as I take you through the last two weeks of the challenge hosted by the ORC and their media partner Apartment Therapy. 

#projectupward grand reveal is May 24, 2024.

See you next week on the BLOG!

Lead Interior designer Instagram | @latiseacaltondesigns 

Company Instagram| @mleehomedecorandmore 

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